ParkChirp Reaches it’s 300th Parking Location

June 12, 2020

ParkChirp Reaches 300th Parking Location

The Future of Parking

Chicago, June 8, 2020 – ParkChirp, the commercial parking industry’s most innovative online sales platform, announces another major milestone in the company’s growth strategy. As of June 1, 2020, ParkChirp has listed over 300 parking facilities in ten major U.S. MSAs.

ParkChirp was launched in 2017 and was developed to allow parking facilities and operators to market and sell monthly and hourly parking at the lowest cost of any online platform. Thus, enabling a “touchless” customer journey. The platform was developed and is 100% owned by Parking Advisors, Inc. Parking Advisors is the commercial real estate industry’s leading parking advisory firm, in direct response to their institutional clients’ requests. “We started seeing that online parking aggregators – who claimed to attract new parking customers to back fill empty spaces – were significantly eroding parking revenue and asset value. “Something needed to be done to stop the bleeding” said Mark Fancher, the company’s founder and President.

The ParkChirp platform allows consumers to search for, purchase, and redeem parking via their website or the ParkChirp app. The platform then diverges from online aggregator sites. Among many innovations, facility owners can receive their funds every night and have real-time access to detailed customer data. This includes access to customer names, email addresses and transaction history. “Access to this data is the key. Our platform allows a facility to analyze consumer behaviors, build and sustain relationships with parkers, and maximize their profitability. We have case studies in multiple markets proving that the strategy works” said Kevin Dahm, the company’s COO.

How ParkChirp Benefits All

ParkChirp charges a low, fixed transaction fee to facility owners, and no convenience fee or other service fee to parkers. As a result, parking facility owners immediately net 15% to 30% more on every transaction. Facilities can pass all or part of the savings on to the consumer. Not only are customers saving money, but operators are also netting more revenue. This led to the company’s tagline: “ParkChirp – Park Cheep”. “In essence, we’re disrupting the disrupters” said Fancher.

In addition to its website and app, ParkChirp can generate a limitless number of white label websites for parking operators, venues or cities. For example, the citywide site created for parking operators to utilize in Chicago, includes over 125 Chicago locations and prominently features the participating parking operators. The company recently launched its first parking operator reservation engine in coordination with Parkwell. “It was great working with ParkChirp to build our parking reservation engine within our site. This has given us much more online visibility and massively improved our user experience. We launched the site on a Thursday afternoon and sold our first parking pass within an hour” said Joel Christensen, Parkwell’s founder and CEO.

Download the ParkChirp iOS or Android app on your smartphone or tablet today! For more information about ParkChirp, please refer to the company’s site or contact the company at [email protected] or 312-876-1720.