2020 Illinois State Tax On Parking

January 16, 2020

2020 Illinois State Tax On Parking

As many are aware, the new year has come with some tax increases for Illinois. If you park everyday for work, you have probably noticed a parking rate increase. To learn more about how you can save extra money on parking this year and avoid the high rates, continue reading below!

2020 Parking Tax Details

This parking rate increase is due to the new daily and monthly tax applied to garages and lots who are not operated by the state or local governments. Specifically, the parking tax includes a 6% tax on daily parking and a 9% tax on monthly parking according to the Chicago Tribune. The revenue from this tax increase is supposed to go to J.B. Pritzker’s 45 billion dollar program, “Rebuild Illinois”. This tax hike will cause the average rate for one hour of parking in the Chicago Loop to increase at least 50 cents.

How To Pay Less With The Parking Rate Increase

Those who commute and park daily for work are looking at a substantial annual increase. To avoid this, consider turning to ParkChirp to find the cheapest parking rates offered in Chicago. If someone you know commutes and parks daily, let them know about the yearly savings ParkChirp offers!

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