Acquisition Analysis

Parking Advisors' acquisition analysis validates a parking asset's cash flow, evaluates the operations and provides value-add opportunities to enhance financial performance post-closing.

Parking Acquisition Consulting Services

Parking Advisors supports office, retail, multi-family, and mixed-use real estate investors during the acquisition and diligence process. The parking component of many real estate assets can be 15% and 25% of the total value of a real estate asset. Therefore, it is critical to build a comprehensive understanding of past parking cash flows and risks to future parking cash flows.

Parking Advisors’ Acquisition Process

Our rigorous acquisition process is trusted by the industry’s top real estate investors. Our goal is to ensure the parking diligence process is as detailed and meticulous as your diligence process for the rest of the asset.

Validate In Place Cash Flow

Parking Advisors analyzes the parking asset’s historical financial statements, billing reports and parking system reports to build a comprehensive understanding of past performance and in place revenue and expenses.

Identify Value Add Opportunities

Parking Advisors identifies upside opportunities that increase income including opportunities to increase rates, improve revenue control, lower expenses and optimize occupancy.

Verify Parking Space Counts

During our site visit, we count all of the parking spaces and categorize them by type and location. We also identify spaces that are unusable to calculate a accurate parking space count.

Develop an 11-Year Cash Flow Model

Using our proprietary parking model, Parking Advisors generates a detailed, 11-year cash flow model which includes detailed, line-by-line assumptions.

Conduct a Market Survey

Parking Advisors conducts a market analysis that evaluates competitive parking rates, analyzes submarket occupancy and estimates the impact of future developments.

Evaluate Critical Capital Items

Parking Advisors evaluates key parking capital items including the parking technology, signage and electric vehicle charging stations.

Acquisition Analysis

Acquisition Case Studies

Our Acquisition Work

Parking Advisors' team has supported the diligence process for assets located in every major U.S. market.

Parking Market Dynamics in San Francisco

655 Montgomery

San Francisco
  • 76 Spaces
  • Office Project
  • $300,000 Annual Revenue
Bellevue Connection

Bellevue Connection

Bellevue, WA
  • 771 Spaces
  • Mixed-Use Project
  • $2.2M Annual Revenue
Brickell City Tower – Parking Advisors

Brickell City Tower

Miami, FL
  • 403 Spaces
  • Office Project
  • $600,000 Annual Revenue


Portland, OR
  • 368 Spaces
  • Office Project
  • $1.3M Annual Revenue
Montgomery Park

Montgomery Park

Portland, OR
  • 2,018 Spaces
  • Office Project
One Nashville Palace

One Nashville Place

Nashville, TN
  • 612 Spaces
  • Office Project
  • $2.2M Annual Revenue
Pacific Place

Pacific Place

Seattle, WA
  • 1,163 Spaces
  • Retail Project
  • $10M Annual Revenue
Pelican Garage – Parking Advisors

Pelican Garage

Miami Beach, FL
  • 329 Spaces
  • Stand-Alone Garage Project
  • $2M Annual Revenue
Travis Park Plaza

Travis Park Plaza

San Antonio, TX
  • 809 Spaces
  • Office Project